Yoga for reducing belly fat | 9 yoga for weight loss

Yoga for reducing belly fat | 9 yoga for weight loss

In this article, you will get detailed information about yoga for reducing belly fat by doing 9 yoga asanas which promote fat metabolism in the belly.

Yoga for reduce belly fat
Yoga for reducing belly fat

Yoga for reducing belly fat | 9 yoga for weight loss

As you know, obesity is not a disease in itself, but it proves to be the cause of many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, high blood pressure, arthritis. There can be many reasons for obesity, which include overeating, not exercising, mental stress, not getting enough sleep, etc. In today’s times, obesity is the result of a poor lifestyle in people. There are various types of asanas mentioned in yoga to reduce belly fat, which can be rid of unwanted belly fat by doing at least one hour daily. Yogic activities together with obesity solve the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a person.
Practicing asanas in a yogic way not only reduces the fat stored in different parts of the body, but it also balanced the body formation. By doing yoga postures, the stability of the mind increases, which increases the person’s ability to fight against diseases. The obstructed belly of an obese person prevents him from doing various types of exercises because the person has difficulty in bowing. It has been seen in such individuals that when such people do any exercise, then their breath starts to increase, therefore, these people lose weight is not less than a challenge, due to which the lack of willpower in these people is the main reason.

9 yoga for weight loss

Here we will learn about yoga asana to reduce belly fat in obese people. Regular practice of these yogasanas can not only reduce obesity but can also get rid of other diseases. Just as there is a method of doing every yoga, similarly it is necessary to do all yoga in one order only then these yoga sans prove effective in reducing belly fat. Otherwise, people do not get any benefits from these asanas. The subtle asanas have great importance in yogic asanas because these asanas strengthen the willpower of the person by first establishing his mental balance which is an important factor in a person’s weight loss. Many types of yoga asanas are performed to lose weight. But here we will learn about the following Yogasanas for obese people in a phased manner.

1. Bhastrika Pranayama

While doing Bhastrika Pranayama, first of all sitting in the posture of Sukhasana and taking a long breath in both the nasal holes while keeping the waist, neck, and back straight. Then the breath is release while making a sound. In this pranayama, the breath is used as a blower. While doing this pranayama, the speed of breath becomes like a blower, i.e the process of breathing becomes quicker. Each step in this pranayama is of 1 minute. In the beginning, you should do this 10 times daily. By doing this pranayama, a high amount of pranavayu (oxygen) reaches the body, as well as carbon dioxide, comes out of the body, which purifies the blood.

This pranayama produces contractions in the muscles of the stomach, causing the digestive system, liver, and kidney to be massaged. Bhastrika Pranayama promotes our body fat metabolism by eliminating unwanted body fat and balances the hormones better.

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2. Kapalbhati Pranayama

The importance of Kapalabhati Pranayama is to free your body from all the toxic elements and to make your intellect clean and sharp. In this pranayama, a person first sits comfortably keeping his spine straight. Then, exhaling his breath pulls his stomach inward as far as possible. After this, the person leaves the muscles of the stomach loose, due to which the breath automatically reaches the lungs. In one phase of Kapalbhati Pranayama, 20 breaths are released. There are three phases in this pranayama. In the beginning, you follow only one phase. This pranayama activates the muscles of the stomach and enhances the metabolic process which helps in reducing weight. By doing this pranayama, the person gets strong willpower and the mind remains calm.


  •  Persons suffering from hypertension, heart patients, hernia, ulcers, epilepsy, stroke patients, and pregnant women do not practice the above Bhastrika Pranayama and Kapalabhati Pranayama.
  •  New practitioners drink two glasses of water before doing this pranayama.

3. Trikonasana

Trikonasana is the posture in which the shape of the body is arranged like a triangle. This posture is very simple and useful for obese people. Performing this asana strengthens the muscles of the neck, back, waist, and legs as this asana massages the muscles of the neck, back, waist, and legs. Trikonasana helps in reducing obesity. By doing its regular exercises, the excess fat stored on the stomach, waist, thigh, and buttock can be reduced easily. Trikonasana makes the body shapely, strong, and flexible.


  • If you are suffering from problems like low blood pressure or high blood pressure, migraine, laxatives, headache, back pain, then this asana should not be done.

4. Naukasana

In Naukasana a person arranges his body shape like a boat (Boat), hence this yoga is called Naukasana. For people with obesity, this asana is very helpful in controlling weight and reducing abdominal fat. Naukasana is extremely beneficial for any type of obese people as it can be done easily. It is a useful asana for people suffering from waist pain. In Naukasana, firstly person lies on his back and then raises his legs and chest by joining both the legs together and placing both his hands towards the feet. By doing this, the pulling in the umbilical cord can be felt due to the contraction of the muscles of the stomach. The entire process involves taking long deep breaths and exhaling.


  •  Do not do this asana if you have low or high blood pressure, headache, migraine, or ever have any back-related problems.
  •  Asthma and heart patients and pregnant women should not do this asana.

5. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is the posture in which a person lies on the ground. Then, keeping the legs straight, using his two hands, raising the body, pulls the back of the waist, and arranges his body like a snake. This asana makes the muscles of the chest and waist flexible and removes any tension in the waist. By doing this asana, belly fat is reduced. This asana strengthens the stomach nerves and reinforces the entire back and shoulders.


  • Pregnant women and hernia patients should not do this asana.
  •  People who suffer from Carpel tunnel syndrome should also not do bhujangasana.
  •  Avoid this asana if you have spinal disorders.

6. Padahastasana 

Padahastasana yoga is the posture in which a person stands and bends forward and touches the feet with both his hands. Performing this asana helps in improving the digestive system. It increases metabolic activity. This asana is known for reducing abdominal fat, correcting digestive problems, and giving a good stretch to the thigh muscles. Padahastasana yoga makes the functioning of the stomach more active, which helps reduce abdominal fat.


  • If you are suffering from sciatica problems and back pain, do not do this asana.
  • If you have pain in your thighs then you should avoid doing this yoga.
  • Pregnant women must consult a doctor before performing this asana.

7. Ustrasana

Ustrasana is the posture in which a person adjusts the body of a camel by tilting his body backward. Ustrasana is an intermediate back-bending yoga posture. This asana brings flexibility to the body and gives strength to the body. By doing this asana, digestion power increases. This asana works by burning the fat stored in the stomach. People with high or low blood pressure should not do this asana.

8. Jaanu shirasana

Jaanu shirasana is the posture in which your head is adjoined to your jaanu (knee). By doing this asana, digestion power is improved. This asana is an effective way to get rid of growing obesity. By doing this asana, your abdominal muscles are strengthened. This asana spreads to the small and large intestines of your stomach which strengthens digestion. It eliminates the problem of constipation. It also removes the problem of flatulence and abdominal bloating. This asana exercises the lower back and abdominal organs and shoulders.


  •  If you have knee pain or back pain, do not do this asana.
  •  If you are troubled by diarrhea and asthma, then you should avoid doing this asana

9. Paschimottanasana 

Paschimottanasana is the asana that is performed by sitting. To perform this asana, the person first sits in the posture of dandasana, exhaling, and moves both his hands towards the feet. Regular practice of this asana can help to get rid of abdominal fat because it involves movement of the spinal cord, foot, knee, and waist.


  •  If you are suffering from leg pain, knee pain, and back pain, do not do this asana.
  •  If there is any problem in the spine, then this asana should not be done.
  •  If you are suffering from asthma or diarrhea, do not do this asana.

The above article is based on yoga to reduce belly fat by doing 9 yoga asanas which promote fat metabolism in the belly is only for the purpose of education and learning.

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