Swimming benefits | Top 8 health benefits of swimming

Swimming benefits | Top 8 health benefits of swimming 

In this article, you will get detailed information about swimming benefitstypes of swimming, and top 8 health benefits of swimming.

Swimming benefits
Swimming benefits

Swimming benefits | Top 8 health benefits of swimming 

Swimming is a full-body exercise. It is a good workout to lose weight and tone up the body. It is also less likely to get hurt. Many aerobic exercises burn a lot of calories but put a lot of pressure on the feet. In such a situation, swimming is a good workout for those who have joint problems or have back pain. Swimming increases the flexibility of the body and improves the balance of the body. While swimming, water acts as a massage for the body. During this, there is a secretion of the feel-good hormone endorphins which prevents depression.

Types of swimming

1 – Freestyle Swimming

Freestyle swimming is the most common and popular swimming. This swimming is also called the front crawl. Freestyle swimming mainly consists of the following types of muscle tone up and massages.
  •  Chest muscles
  •  Shoulder muscles
  •  Forearms muscles
  •  Abdominal muscles
  •  Thigh muscles
  •  Hips muscles

2- Breaststroke Swimming

Breaststroke swimming is something like a frog swim that makes the following types of muscles strong and flexible.
  •  Chest muscles
  •  Latissimus Dorsi
  •  Gluteus maximus
  •  Quadriceps
  •  Triceps
  •  Hamstrings

3- Backstroke Swimming

Backstroke swimming has positive effects on the following muscles
  •  Pecs
  •  Triceps
  •  Gluteus maximus
  •  Latissimus Dorsi
  •  Hamstrings
  •  Quads
  •  subscapularis

4- Butterfly swimming

Butterfly reduces weight faster than swimming because it is the slowest swimming of all swimming. Most of the muscles of the bodywork in swimming, which makes these muscles strong and flexible.
  •  Quads
  •  Biceps
  •  Triceps
  •  Gluteus maximus
  •  Hamstrings
  •  Leg muscles
  •  Back muscles
  • Shoulders  muscles
  •  Core abdominal  muscles

5- Sidestroke Swimming

Sidestroke swimming helps to increase a person’s stamina. This swimming is often used to save someone’s life or for long-distance swimming. The other variations of sidestroke swimming are as follows:-

Top 8 health benefits of swimming 

1- Helping to strengthen muscles

Swimming involves the muscles of the entire body. Any physical exercise in water requires 12 times more effort than land because the density of water is higher than air. Swimming delivers excess oxygen to the muscles of the body, which relieves muscle fatigue by increasing the glucose oxidation in these muscles. Swimming is effective in building and strengthening body muscles. All the joints in your body are strengthened by swimming. Swimming is considered a good workout for the whole body, so swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises.

2- Increase body flexibility

Swimming increases the flexibility of the body because swimming requires a stretch, twist, and pull in the muscles of the whole body. Whole-body movement is done while swimming, this movement brings flexibility in the body. In swimming, the feet and ankles act as paddles, and repetitive stretching in various strokes during swimming also helps to increase body flexibility. Swimming is very beneficial for people with back pain because swimming makes the back muscles flexible and strong.

3- Beneficial in weight loss

It is believed that about 250 to 400 calories can be burned from the body by swimming 30 minutes daily. Different strokes of swimming have a profound effect on different muscles of the body. As you know, the whole body muscles work in swimming, which burns calories. It is a great way to burn inappropriate fat stored in various parts of the body such as backstroke swimming, butterfly swimming, and breaststroke swimming help reduce belly fat. Swimming increases your metabolic rate and this causes your weight to decrease rapidly. Freestyle swimming is the best exercise for the upper body. If you want to lose weight fast then you should go butterfly swimming because it is the slowest stroke in all swimming strokes and this is why it burns the most calories.

4- Make bones strong

Regular swimming makes the bones of the body strong.  Since the benefits of swimming help in reducing pain or recover from injury therefore swimming is a good exercise for people who have backache, joint pain, and arthritis, etc. Swimming affects the mass of bones. According to, a study suggests that swimming helps reduce the symptoms of people with osteoarthritis.

5- Good for heart health

Swimming is a type of cardiovascular exercise because swimming in water leads to better circulation of blood throughout the body. It is effective in strengthening the muscles of the heart by increasing your stamina. Daily swimming reduces LDL cholesterol in the blood. Apart from this, regular swimming can also control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Swimming for half an hour per day can reduce the risk of heart disease by about 30 to 40%.

6- Increase lung efficiency

Swimming increases breathing capacity, which improves lung efficiency. As you know, while swimming, you do almost all kinds of breath-related exercises that directly or indirectly increase your ability to breathe such as stopping breathing during swimming, taking long, long breaths, breathing at regular intervals, etc. All these activities strengthen your lungs.

7- Improves mental health

Swimming improves mental health by reducing stress. Studies show that while swimming, your body produces hormones that reduce stress. Studies show that swimming can also increase your mental health. Swimming causes the secretion of the feel-good hormone endorphins in the body which prevents depression. Researchers found that regular swimming of dementia patients improves their mental health. Swimming and aquatic workouts are not only psychologically beneficial for people with dementia. Rather, this exercise helps in boosting their mood as well. So swimming is better than a gym in many cases.

8- Effective for skin health

Swimming improves skin tone. Swimming in saltwater regularly helps maintain skin moisture and it promotes detoxification for new cell growth. The skin becomes bacteria-free by swimming in water containing chlorine. In this way, swimming is also helpful in reducing pimples in the skin.


1- Start stretching a few days before swimming, this will not stretch the muscles during swimming.
2- Swimming should be done in a safe environment in the presence of a lifeguard.
3- Do not eat heavy and spicy food immediately before swimming.
4- Do not hold your breath, take a breath after each stroke.
5- Drink plenty of water before swimming and keep the body hydrated.
The above article which is based upon the swimming benefits,  types of swimming, and top 8 health benefits of swimming is only for education and learning purposes.

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