Dementia treatment | Best 11 Tips to avoid dementia

Dementia treatment

Dementia treatment | Best 11 Tips to avoid dementia 

In this article, you will find what is Dementia (Alzheimer’s) and its symptoms and the best 11 tips that can be used in Dementia treatment.

Dementia treatment
Dementia treatment

Dementia treatment | Best 11 Tips to avoid dementia

What is Dementia (Alzheimer’s)

As you know that Dementia (Alzheimer’s) neurodegenerative disease which is most common in old age in which a person suffered from forgetting problems but in modern times this forgetting problem is most common in youth due to disturbed lifestyle.
If you do not sleep properly, you do not concentrate in one place, forget about things and you have problems remembering people and talking, then assume that you have dementia (Alzheimer’s) can be caught. In general, young people are also coming in the grip of dementia (Alzheimer’s), a disease that occurs in old age. Due to this, the memory of the youth is getting weaker.
This disease can be gauged from the fact that 85 percent of the youth are not aware of this disease. 91 percent of youth do not consider the tendency to forget. Technology like mobile phones and computers is also a big reason behind the weakening memory of the youth. Worldwide over 4.6 crore people suffer from dementia (Alzheimer’s). 1.6 million people in India suffer from this disease. India ranks third among the 10 countries in terms of this disease.

It is generally considered to be the disease of old age which usually occurs after the age of 60 years earlier. But nowadays most people from the teenage group to the age of 40 are coming under its control. In today’s modern era, due to the changes in lifestyle, it is being seen even at a young age. Nowadays, cases like high blood pressure, depression, alcohol addiction, and the onset of dementia with diabetes are also being seen among the youth. The disease starts with forgetting small things. Gradually the situation becomes so severe that the patients do not even recognize the people of their family.

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What causes of Dementia (Alzheimer’s)

The disease is usually caused by the accumulation of a protein called beta-amyloid in the brain. Due to this, the neurons of the brain are destroyed. Because of this, the ability to remember begins to decrease. But the increased risk of dementia in young people is due to depression and stress apart from mobile phones and computers, multiple tasks together and excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.
Most people find ways to relieve anxiety and stress from their lives, but in this anxiety, they fall prey to dementia (Alzheimer’s). Sweetened beverages are also harmful to memory. Some studies have claimed that the risk of dementia (Alzheimer’s) enhancing factors if previously controlled, increases the likelihood of reducing such cases worldwide. In this disease, a person starts forgetting, which can also affect bodily functions such as swallowing food. It is also very important to get complete sleep to relax our mind, which the youth of today do not consider important.

Major symptoms of Dementia (Alzheimer’s)

1. Due to lack of memory, the victim starts forgetting many things like forgetting to take a bath, etc.

2. A person suffering from dementia Forget whether he /she has breakfast or not and also Forget whether he /she has taken the medicine or not.

3. Forgetting or not remembering the names of family members.

4. Not remembering the names of objects or places, such as calling a glass a bowl, etc.

5. Not being able to remember numbers.

6. Forget keeping your luggage.

7. Feeling highly irritable.

8. Doing the same thing multiple times or asking the same thing again and again.

9. Do not keep in mind the correct word, subject, and name while talking.

Best 11 Tips to avoid dementia (Alzheimer’s)

There are the following tips that can be used in Dementia treatment.

1. Complaints of memory loss can be avoided by taking vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in plenty of almonds and walnut. Take them daily.

2. Coffee helps in increasing concentration. Apart from this, it also delivers antioxidants to the brain.

3. Potassium and magnesium are found in very high amounts in spinach which helps to increase memory as well as increase the ability to learn.

4. Whole grains should be consumed for a strong mind while sending glucose in the blood, it keeps you mentally alert throughout the day.

5. Consuming fish once a week proves to be very beneficial as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are more useful for the brain.

6.Cocoa contains flavonoids which are antioxidants and help to keep the brain healthy.

7. Green leafy vegetables contain carotenoids which are also known as mind keepers, so broccoli, cabbage, and sprouted vegetables should be consumed.

8. Numerous researches have shown that epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) present in green tea can be helpful in the treatment of dementia (Alzheimer’s), therefore dementia (Alzheimer’s) patients should consume green tea.

9. Eating mushrooms, one of the natural sources of vitamin D, can prevent age-related neurodegenerative diseases like dementia (Alzheimer’s).

10. New research claims that the commonly used turmeric in India can improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia (Alzheimer’s). Curcumin is a chemical compound found in turmeric. Earlier studies have shown the anti-inflammatory properties of this compound.

11. Memory can also be maintained by regular exercise or daily household work. For this, regular walks, and mental exercise is necessary. By taking regular walks, the brain’s memory system is strengthened and memory is strengthened.

Research shows that people who exercise three or more times a week are less likely to get dementia (Alzheimer’s) than those who do not exercise 30 to 40 percent. Most people think that meditation is just to reduce stress while meditating increases blood flow to the brain. Meditation for six hours a week changes the structure of the brain. These changes increase concentration and memory, which create the ability to do many things at once. Bhramari Pranayama enhances concentration and memory by removing negative emotions such as anger, annoyance, frustration, and anxiety.


As you know, some efforts can enhance the quality of life of dementia (Alzheimer’s) patients. In addition to exercise, a healthy diet, control of high blood pressure and diabetes, the condition can be improved by involving the patient in intellectual activities.

Such people benefit from learning a new language, engaging in mental games, or music. Experts cite the need for awareness in this direction and say that solving puzzles like Sudoku and putting the brain in other such activities is also important. Dementia (Alzheimer’s) cannot be completely cured but the patient’s life can be improved. Many medicines can improve patient behavior. Medications are used to balance the number of chemicals in brain cells. Consumption of medicines improves the memory of patients and their condition of thinking. The sooner the medicines are started, the better.


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